Daily Archives: November 15, 2012

Law Society’s New Late-Fee Policy

When it comes to Law Society fees, don't be late! (Photo courtesy of SXC, all rights reserved.)

In an attempt to reduce administrative costs, the Law Society of Upper Canada (the regulating body for lawyers and paralegals in Ontario) is introducing a new policy on late filings and payments.

Prior to the new policy, lawyers and paralegals have had up to 120 days after the new year begins to file their annual report and pay their dues. When members haven’t filed the report and paid the fees after 120 days, they’ve been suspended administratively.

Starting in 2013, however, the grace period will be reduced to 90 days. In 2014 it will be reduced again, to 60 days. Individuals who do not pay or file on time will be charged $100 each for the report and the payment, in addition to administrative suspensions.

For more information, please consult the Law Society of Upper Canada’s website www.lsuc.on.ca.

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